Our impact

Our Impact

At Baseball at Heart, our commitment runs deep, reaching into the heart of vulnerable communities, ensuring that every child and youth, especially our dynamic girls, not only access but thrive on the baseball field. Beyond honing their skills, our programs serve as a canvas to paint values like fair play, sportsmanship, and respect, fostering a vibrant and inclusive culture within our baseball community.

We have orchestrated a nationwide expansion, growing from 4 to 8 regions across the country. The melody of baseball is reaching every corner.

Over 2376 girls in schools and 853 spirited young women in communities have felt the heartbeat of empowerment through women baseball. It’s not just a game; it’s a revolution.

We are not just teaching baseball; we are crafting leaders. Our coaching clinics for school teachers and the active involvement of women in coaching, umpiring, and scoring are nurturing the champions of tomorrow and the next generation.




We don’t just stop at the bases. For girls playing baseball from vulnerable families, we’re providing an education pathway. Because we believe in the power of an educated swing.

Picture this – girls crisscrossing the country, not just playing but
conquering the sport they love on a national stage. It’s not just an
opportunity; it’s a journey of dreams.

Join us in sculpting a legacy of empowerment through the crack of the
bat and the roar of the crowd. Together, we’re forging a future where
every child, regardless of their starting point, steps up to the plate,
swings for the fences, and hits a home run in life. At Baseball At
Heart, no one is left behind because everyone plays a crucial role in
our grand slam of success.


Women Baseball

In a realm historically dominated by males, we stand as advocates for change, recognizing the untapped potential and fervor that girls bring to the game.

Women Baseball is breaking stereotypes, dismantling social barriers, and challenging cultural beliefs that have long hindered the participation of girls and women in sports.

At Baseball At Heart, we firmly believe that it’s high time to rewrite the script. Women Baseball isn’t just about the game; it’s a movement towards equality, empowerment, and inclusiveness. We have made it our mission to create an inclusive and welcoming platform for girls and women across the vast expanse of Africa, providing them with opportunities to step onto the diamond and showcase their prowess.


The crack of the bat echoes louder than stereotypes. Our commitment is to shatter preconceived notions, proving that talent knows no gender. Through dedicated programs, initiatives, and unwavering advocacy, we challenge societal norms, encouraging girls and women to embrace their love for baseball and pursue their dreams on the field.

Beyond the game itself, we champion a cultural shift. We engage with communities, fostering conversations that redefine expectations, encouraging families and societies to see the potential of girls in the world of sports. Women’s Baseball is not just about playing a sport; it’s about changing perceptions and forging a new narrative for future generations.

Our mandate is clear – to create opportunities where none existed before. We provide a stage for girls and women to not only play baseball but to thrive, develop skills, and contribute to a growing legacy. This isn’t just about hitting home runs; it’s about hitting societal barriers out of the park.

Become a part of our Women Baseball movement. Celebrate the resilience, strength, and passion that girls and women bring to the diamond. It’s not just a game; it’s a declaration that every girl has the right to swing for the fences and every woman deserves a place on the field. At Baseball At Heart, we’re not just changing the game; No one is left behind.
Join us in this journey of empowerment through Women’s Baseball

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