trailblazer series

The Trailblazer Series

The Pearl of Africa Trailblazer Series is an annual event that transcends the boundaries of traditional baseball. This groundbreaking initiative aims to unravel and unleash the boundless potential and remarkable abilities of girls and women in diverse communities across our nation.

We boldly declare that girls and women are exceptional contenders in the realm of baseball. We champion the cause of inclusivity, advocating fervently for the active involvement of girls and women in baseball throughout the continent of Africa.

The pearl of Africa Trailblazer Series is a spectacle of inspiration. Watch and follow as girls and women redefine norms, showcase unparalleled skills, and rewrite the narrative of what’s possible in baseball.


This event serves as a unifying force, bringing together communities from every corner of our nation. It’s not just a game, it’s a celebration of diversity, resilience, and the unbreakable spirit of our girls and women.

Beyond the games, the Pearl of Africa Trailblazer Series offers hands-on skills clinics and workshops. It’s an opportunity for participants to refine their techniques, learn from seasoned professionals, and take their passion for baseball to new heights.

We use the Pearl of Africa Trailblazer Series as a megaphone for change. Beyond the fields, we advocate for policy shifts, increased resources, and a cultural shift that recognizes and celebrates the prowess of our female baseball players.

The Trailblazer Series isn’t just an event; it’s a movement. It’s a declaration that baseball knows no gender, and every girl and woman has the right to step onto the diamond and shine. Join us in rewriting the story of sports, one swing at a time.


 At Baseball at Heart, we’re not just playing a game; no one is left behind.

Pearl of Africa Trailblazer Series Key Highlights 

On-field Activities 

 On field activities entailed Baseball training clinics and demonstration games. Baseball training clinics in the field;- Batting, Catching, Pitching, Infield and outfield drills & Base running across the 6 Baseball Communities in Uganda. 

Off the Field Activities 

 In every community we worked, girls and women had time set aside to talk about their gender based issues in relation to Sports and how communities perceive Girls and Women involvements with Sports

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