Kampala Kids Baseball league

Kampala Kids Baseball League

With the vision of qualifying for the upcoming WBSC Baseball World Cup in U-12, U-15 and U-18 categories. Kampala Kids Baseball League seeks to promote, nurture and develop Baseball in Kampala by voluntarily assisting the Kampala Baseball communities to play and compete against each other as we aspire to empower children and youth through sports. These leagues will form the basic foundation of selecting national team players for each age category. 

Baseball at Heart Foundation believes in the power of using baseball to teach children and youth life lessons that build strong and resilient individual and/or communities. KKBL targets children of ages fifteen and under (U-15) who lay a foundation for a brighter responsible future generation while competing against each other on a Home and Away basis.

Kampala Kids Baseball League

This is a community centered and inclusive engagement program that gives everyone an opportunity to aspire and inspire children and youth in communities to compete against each other, learn from one another while learning the art of sportsmanship, good citizenship, discipline and respect for one another. 

In the drive to execute Kampala Kids Baseball League, the following objectives will as well be reached:

  1. To start the league with at least four (4) Baseball communities and one (1) Sponsor in Kampala with each community hosting at least one (1) league game week sponsored.
  2. To attract all the participating teams per league game to pull a crowd, publicize, brand and market our sponsor and also sensitize the community about alcohol and drug abuse.
  3. To raise the level of knowledge about drugs and alcohol among teens and change attitude, behavior and practices towards adoption of drugs.
  4. To start continuous cycle of younger and older league category (U-12 and U-18) by 2026.
  5. To nurture talents that will qualify for the upcoming 2026 WBSC U-15 Baseball world cup and the 2027 U-12 and U-18 Baseball World Cups with qualifiers in the earlier year.

The league will be played on a “Home and Away Basis” with each participating community hosting at least twice a year while accumulating points from the different game weeks (match days) to facilitate the awarding of the overall league winner at the end of the league. This will be effected every school holiday beginning with the U-15 category this year giving birth to new and competitive baseball leagues:

  • U-12 category starting 2025 
  • U-18 category starting 2026 

At Baseball at Heart, Our Cores are Gender Equality and Equity thus “No One Is Left Behind” 

Baseball at Heart

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